I was lucky enough to be asked by Ginny and Charlie to photograph their wedding day which was happening down on the south coast just outside Southampton. They have a beautiful home with ample gardens so the order of the day was exchanging vows at St Joseph’s church in town and then back to “Mayfield” where a grand marquee was awaiting in a garden which I know the bride had spent months getting in tip top shape and looked amazing. As with any good English Summer Wedding the forecast was bleak and for once the reality was in tune with the forecast! I am glad to report however this did not dampen anyone’s spirit’s, only suits and frocks! Ginny, as is the prerogative of the bride kept the groom and everyone else waiting for a good 30 minutes at the church…lucky for some who had fallen victim to Saturday southamption traffic bedlam! The bride was a picture of elegance and sophistication so definitely worth the wait and a beautiful service was witnessed by a full church including their 2 sons Kit & Finn. I have to say that I am always thankful in the investment I make in kit when faced with a dark cloudy day meaning a pretty dark church. I don’t like to use speedlights much during a service both because of the look and because of the distraction. My 5D mkIII is pretty good in low light but my 1Dx mkII is brilliant. I can shoot at 6000 ISO and not worry too much about grain!

Enough tech talk! Ginny & Charlie were fantastic hosts for the rest of the day at their home Mayfield. Rain did relent at times to allow people to enjoy some fresh air or Marlborough Light air but frankly the entertainment was all in the marquee where I found myself chuckling to speeches, in awe at the groom’s rendition of “Miss American Pie” and generally swept up in an atmosphere where love, humour, dancing and drinking were the order of the day! Always the sign of a good wedding – a packed dance floor. Testament to the DJ for playing some cracking tunes but mostly to Ginny & Charlie and all those who turned out to celebrate their big day with them for being such a fun, friendly bunch. Cameras down at circa 11pm meant that it had been a good 13 hours of coverage. While my day was done it definitely looked like the party had a lot of life in it yet…I guess one f the advantages of hosting the reception at your own home and inviting all the neighbours – no-one to tell you to go home! Congratulations to Ginny & Charlie!